Option 2: Items Pictured are Examples of what You can Send-In (Click image for full option details)


  1. 8×10 item signed by other cast members
  2. Small trading card signed by other cast members
  3. Magazine not signed by other cast members
  4. Comic book Not Signed by other cast members
  5. Metal plates
  6. Small action figures

Add personal touch!!  You can have Mr. Ford personalize the item!  If you would like this option choose the “Personalize” option below (there is an added fee for this option)!  You will add the name (first name only) in the Additional Notes section in the check out area.

“Mr. Ford has agreed to allow KLF Sports and Coolwaters Productions to take photos during the next private send-in signing.  A professional photographer will be on site during the signing and we will do our best to capture as many items as we can being signed.”

*Disclaimer: photos of individual items is NOT 100% GUARANTEED as there could be a technical glitch with a particular photo or file.  There is also the potential for the a particular image to not be approved by Mr. Ford, he has final say over all photos that are distributed.  We will o our best to provide photos to all those who order.”

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