Exclusive Harrison Ford Send-In Opportunity

Hollywood icon Harrison Ford is a box office sensation who has starred in block buster films such as "Air Force One", “Cowboys & Aliens", “Witness" and “The Fugitive" as well as the industry changing fan favorite "Star Wars” and "Indiana Jones" franchises.

We are please to accept orders for a rare, second chance opportunity to have Hollywood Icon Mr. Harrison Ford sign your personal items from your collection! The exact date has not been chosen but DO NOT delay in getting your order in today! The signing should take place before the end of 2019 and will take place around Mr. Ford’s schedule. The exact date will be published on this site when we have it.

“Amazing news fans! Mr. Ford has agreed to allow KLF Sports and Coolwaters Productions to take photos of each item being signed during the next private send-in signing. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we thank Mr. Ford for allowing this to happen. A professional photographer will be on site during the signing and we hope that this adds to your enjoyment of your prized collectible.”

*Disclaimer: photos of individual items is NOT 100% guaranteed as there could be a technical glitch with a particular photo or file. There is also the potential for the a particular image to not be approved by Mr. Ford, he has final say over all photos that are distributed. We will o our best to provide photos to all those who order.”

Don’t delay, please read the FAQ below and click to continue your order!

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the signing date for the Harrison Ford send-in?

Our goal is to host the second signing for send-ins December 2019, pending any filming obligations Mr. Ford may have that would push the date.

What is the deadline for when my item(s) must arrive in time in order to be included in the private signing?

The hard deadline for all items and payments to be in is December 6, 2019. Failure to have your item(s) in by end of day December 6, 2019 will cause issues with your order and the possibility of your item(s) not being signed.

Once my item is mailed in, can I get it back before the signing takes place?

No. Once you mail in an item to be signed it will remain in our secured location until the time of the signing. Absolutely no item(s) will be returned until Mr. Ford has completed the signing.

Can I request a return date of my item once the signing date is confirmed?

No. Due to the volume of items we will have in our possession for the signing we simply cannot promise or adhere to any request for a specific return date. Keep in mind that after the signing is complete our staff must certify everything, match it up with return labels and packages as well as generate mailing labels etc. We simply cannot specify a return date. Our goal is to have all items returned to their owners within 30 days of the completion of the signing. Again, please note that absolutely NO guaranteed return date for ANY item will be provided to ANY customer.

When is payment due for my item?

Payment must be received at the time of your order. Form of payments will include PayPal and bank wires. (Should you require to send a bank wire please contact us for wiring instructions).

Can I pay for my order in several payments (I.E. can I set up a lay-a-way plan or payment plan)?

No, all orders must be paid for in full at the time the order is placed.

Can I get a refund for my item?

Absolutely no refunds will be granted under any circumstances with the sole exception that the signing is canceled by Mr. Ford. In the unlikely event that a cancelation occurs refunds would be processed within 3-days. However, fans should not fear of a cancelation, this would be a very rare occurrence!

Is there a limit on the quantity of autograph I can buy?

No. There is no limit to the number of autographs you can buy. Each autograph shall sold be at full retail value and you may choose to buy any number of signatures at the retail price.

Is there a wholesale price for autographs for dealers? Or is there a discount if I buy a certain quantity?

No. There is no wholesale or discount offered for this exclusive send-in with Mr. Ford.

Where do I send my items to be signed?

The address to where you mail your item(s) will be provided during the check-out process in our on-line store. DO NOT send your item(s) to any other address or they will NOT be included in the signing.

Can I drop my item off to the KLF Sports or Coolwaters offices personally?

No. Absolutely no drop offs will be accepted for this signing. ALL items must be mailed to the address provided at check out.

Will I receive a photo of Mr. Ford signing my exact item?

No. Coolwaters has been granted the rights by Mr. Ford to only take a limited number of photos during the signing. Our goal is to have Mr. Ford pose with as many item(s) shown in front of him for a posed photograph showing various items that were sent in by fans. The photographs provided only help to serve as partial proof of the signing but not as definitive proof of your exact items being signed. We will do our best to include as many items as possible.

Since I will not receive a photo of my exact item being signed HOW will I know that Mr. Ford in fact hand-signed my treasured collectible?

KLF Sports and Coolwaters Productions LLC understand the concern for verification of said autograph(s). Fans and customers can be rest assured that each item signed will be hand-signed by Mr. Ford personally during the signing. Aside from the photographic proof we will provide to each fan (as mentioned above) we will also have EVERY SINGLE ITEM verified by Beckett Witness Services. Aside from the fact that BOTH KLF Sports and Coolwaters each have an unprecedented reputation in the industry of autographs we felt that a 3rd party verification service would best serve all parties involved. We are employing the services of Beckett for this reason. A Beckett rep will be on hand during the signing and will personally witness each item being signed and then, on site and on the spot, will authenticate EACH item with a serial number. More information about Beckett’s services can be found here: https://www.beckett-authentication.com/services/authentication

Can I choose pen color and placement for my autograph?

YES! We will be asking all fans to specify their pen color and placement. We will offer an array of colors of both sharpies and deco paint pens for this signing. Colors will include (but may not be limited to) blue, black, silver, gold (sharpies) and blue, green, gold, yellow, red (deco paint pens). ALSO, when you mail your item(s) in we ask that you please indicate clearly (with a post it notes or other “marker”) the exact area where you want Mr. Ford to sign your item. Every effort will be made to ask Mr. Ford to sign items in a specific area.

Can I have my name inscribed with the autograph?

YES! For an additional fee Mr. Ford will personally hand write your name, should you so desire it. Please note that ONLY FIRST NAMES are allowed.

Will Mr. Ford sign his character name after his autograph?

No, sorry he will not. Under no circumstances will Mr., Ford sign his character name on any item (for example he will not write “HAN SOLO” after his name on a “Star Wars” movie poster). Mr. Ford will only be signing his name/autograph only.

Will Mr. Ford write a movie quote after his autograph?

No, sorry he will not. Under no circumstances will Mr., Ford sign a movie quote on any item. Mr. Ford will only be signing his name/autograph only.

Will Mr. Ford sign anything I send in? Or am I limited to only “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” item(s)?

Mr. Ford has graciously agreed to autograph almost any item that features a property he has appeared in! This includes photos, magazines, movie posters and other official merchandise for his various projects that include (but is not limited to) “Blade Runner”, ‘The Fugitive”, “Witness”, “Working Girl”, “Air Force One”, “Regarding Henry”, “Mosquito Coast” as well as anything from the “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones’ franchises, along with his other credits! However, Mr. Ford reserves the right not to sign any item(s) that he deems inappropriate, including, without limitation, any image(s) that feature nudity or other offensive content and/or merchandise that appears counterfeit.

Can I come to the signing personally?

No. Fans and customers will not be allowed to be present at the signing. This is a private signing that will be held in a secured and designated location (private) to KLF Sports, Coolwaters and Mr. Ford.

How will my items be returned to me?

All items will be returned to their owners via Fed Ex, shipped worldwide and fully insured. Your address must accept Fed Ex deliveries! Also note that if you live outside the continental USA your country may impose duties or taxes on them item(s) returned. Packages will be marked as personal effects but in order for us to insure your items a value must be assigned. This is for your protection as well as ours. We do not wish to lose anyone’s item(s).

Can I send in my own pen(s) to be used for the signing?

Yes, BUT we will not guarantee that your pen will be used, and it may or may not be returned to you. We suggest that you allow us to use our own pens and specify the type and color you want.

Is there a limit on what I can mail in to be signed?

Yes. We cannot accept extremely large items (such as life-sized prop replicas like a “Frozen Han Solo in Carbonite” or larger sized statues (such as those from Side Show). For items such as these we ask that you mail-in only the base and or limited-edition plaques from said items. Any item shipped to us that is too large shall be refused and be sent back as “Return to sender” and any cost imposed for said return would be the responsibility of the person who mailed it in. 

Is return shipping included in the cost of my item(s)”?

Domestic return shipping is included in each item. Domestic is defined as “United States of America & its territories only”. Domestic shipping shall be provided via Fed Ex Ground services with signature confirmation required. Your address must accept Fed Ex shipments. 

**If this did not answer all of your questions please contact us before making an order.