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Harrison Ford Send-in Opportunity!!

Harrison Ford

KLF Sports and Coolwaters Productions LLC are pleased to present another exclusive Send-In opportunity with Hollywood legend; Harrison Ford.

Daisy Ridley

Sales open for Daisy Ridley!

Adam Driver

Sales open for Adam Driver!

Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver Signing will happen this year (2020), we are currently working on dates!!

Ray Liotta

Sales open for Ray Liotta!  You have till June 24th to buy!!

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Rise of Skywalker Poster Signing

John Travolta Send-in

Harrison Ford December Send-in Event

Update: February 1, 2020

We sent and email to all people who participated in the December Harrison Ford Signing.  If you participated in the December signing and did not receive the email click here.

Update: January 1, 2020

Hey Fans!

Good news… the exclusive Harrison Ford signing hosted by KLF Sports and Coolwaters Productions has taken place. Mr. Ford completed the signing on December 17th in Los Angeles. Please note that we ask everyone to PLEASE be patient. Your items will not be shipping until January (2nd or 3rd week). Keep in mind that we have thousands upon thousands of photos that we took of your items being signed to go through. We have to crop them and then have Mr. Ford approve them all before they can be shipped out with your item(s).

ALSO please note that this is the Holiday Season so between Christmas and New Year staff from our companies as well as Mr. Ford will be on vacation so nothing will be done before the new year.

We ask that you please not contact us about your items. We cannot pull anyone items to be shipped any faster. We want everything to go smoothly and rushing us will not help anyone.

We deeply appreciate your patronage and thank you all for your patience and understanding on these matters.


Kevin Freistat and Derek Maki

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