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Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel

KLF SPORTS is pleased announce that Harvey Kietel will be conducting his first ever signing and Mail order event.

Richard E. Grant

KLF Sports and Coolwaters Productions LLC proudly present an exclusive signing opportunity with Mr. Richard E. Grant

Richard E. Grant Send-in Opportunity Sales are LIVE!

Orlando Bloom

KLF Sports proudly present an exclusive signing opportunity with Orlando Bloom!!

Orlando Bloom Send-in Opportunity Sales are SOLD OUT!!

Deadline to receive send-in items is April 26, 2021.

Daisy Ridley

Daisy Ridley SOLD OUT!

Adam Driver

Sales closed  for Adam Driver!

Chris Evanschris evans signing

Chris Evans event is now SOLD OUT

Emilia ClarkeEmilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke sales are CLOSED.

Harrison Ford Sales have ended

Harrison Ford

KLF Sports and Coolwaters Productions LLC was pleased to present another exclusive Send-In opportunity with Hollywood legend; Harrison Ford.

Greetings to all fans who have placed a pre-order for the private signing with Mr. Harrison Ford. We have an update about the signing date.
Originally scheduled for mid-December we have moved the signing to be in late January of 2021.

As we all know COVID-19 has affected everyone and this was a major part of the decision. The signing is taking place in Southern California and for those of you who keep up on news you will know that as of December 7, 2020 our governor has us on a strict lock down and minimal contact set of rules.

Coolwaters, KLF Sports and Mr. Ford all have staff members who will be present at the signing and some travel from outside the state to be at the signing.

For these reasons and above all the health and safety of everyone involved the decision was made to move the signing date.

Please understand and support our decision. This gives some of you a little more time to get your items in and for some maybe allow for a last minute sale. We will open the website to NEW sales on Monday December 21, 2020 and all new orders MUST reach our offices NO LATER THAN January 13, 2021.

Sales are CLOSED, Deadline to have items to the Toluca Lake location is January 13, 2021.

Ray Liotta

Sales for Ray Liotta ENDED!

Deadline to have your items to the Miami Location is December 9, 2020.

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Rise of Skywalker Poster Signing

John Travolta Send-in

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