Welcome to the official website for Celebrity Send-ins.

This is a joint venture between

KLF Sports


Coolwaters Productions LLC

We will be bringing you various celebrity

signings throughout the year,

watch this site for updates.

Harrison Ford Signing Event:

“KLF Sports and Coolwaters Productions LLC would like to thanks all the fans who have participated in this first ever official send-in opportunity with Harrison Ford! Orders are now closed and we are  preparing for the actual signing date. Once  the signing is complete we will post a notice letting all fans know that the signing is done and to be on the look out for your items being returned. Please understand that we have many items and will try our best to ship them back to you all in a timely manner but note that some fans may get their items back before others do. Be patient and know your item is on its way.

-Thanks from Kevin Freistat & Derek Maki”